when design meets passion

Eden Vidal
2 min readSep 7


there’s a point where skill is mixed with emotion, and that’s where magic happens.

this is the sacred space where design meets passion.

design, at its core, is a process of solving problems, communicating messages, and making the world more functional and beautiful. but when a designer brings passion to their work, the results are… magical.

i’m eden, and i’ve dived deep into the world of design through my ideas, under and rainbow — both of these companies have a design-forward approach, but what makes them truly unique is the heartbeat behind them — passion.

here’s what design-passioned means to me:

  1. authenticity over trends — when passion drives design, the results are timeless. passionate designers don’t chase after trends. instead, they bring their unique voice and vision to the table, creating works that resonate on a deeper level.
  2. every goddam’ detail matters — passionate designers obsess over the little things. they understand that everything has a purpose. this attention to detail ensures that the design looks good and feels right.
  3. design with empathy — a passionate designer strives to understand the end user. they design with empathy, ensuring that their creations are functional and user-friendly.
  4. continuous evolution — the world is ever-changing, and so are our designs. and those passionate about it are always learning and growing. they seek inspiration everywhere, from nature to art to daily life, ensuring their designs are always fresh and innovative.
  5. resilience in the face of challenges — passion gives designers the drive to push through obstacles. where others might give up, passionate designers see challenges as opportunities to fix broken things and by that, learn and grow.

in my journey, i’ve learned that design is a mindset, a way of life. it’s about keeping things simple, respecting the process, and pouring your heart into your work. when design truly meets passion, it becomes more than just a profession. it becomes a calling.

and to those who are starting to walk this path, i say, embrace your passion. let it guide your designs. because when the heart and mind work in harmony, the results are high-end.