designing directly in the medium, led by ai?

Eden Vidal
2 min readSep 4


tl;dr. figma, you’ve served us well. but we’re moving on. we’re heading back home — designing directly in our medium, led by ai.

when it comes to digital design, we’ve been playing a long and sometimes awkward game of telephone. we sketch our dreams in figma or some other vector tool, then translate them into code. it’s a process as clunky as using morse code in the age of whatsapp.

why the detour? it’s time we brought design back home — to code. app design is already there. it’s a no-brainer. we’ve got libraries, frameworks, and toolkits that make code feel like a playground. why take a pit-stop in figma when you can just take a direct flight?

and what about websites? sure, they’re heavier on graphics and visual elements. figma does a decent job of sketching them out. but remember, it’s still a sketch. it’s not the real deal.

figma recently introduced variables, and a vscode plugin for hand-off. it’s a step closer to coding, but let’s not kid ourselves. it’s all fancy moves within a design file that don’t translate to usable code.

enter the main event — ai. the star of the show. imagine if you could tell ai what you want, and it just… makes it happen. in code. no detours, no translations, just straight-up creation.

that’s right, ai’s got the potential to bring us back to our roots. to let us design directly in our medium. to make tools like figma look like, well, the typewriters of design.

so long, figma. and thanks for all the sketches!