The rise of the “Full Stack” Designer and the tools they use

Don’t stay classy

This is the classic process of a web designer in a startup or web design/development agency — meet with the client and/or understand the requirements, after several iterations involving Concept and Design — the customer approves stuff and the designer delivers the files to the developer. At best, the developer has some design sense and implements it according to the designer’s wish in a snap, or worst case (which always seems to happen), further iterations are required to implement 100%.

Code is complicated, UI is not (if it’s done correctly).

There is no replacement for developers, but as tools get more visual, developers can focus on the real problems. Some developers will disagree about this one but it’s true — a developer’s job is to get out of the job. It has always been this way, just as programmers in the past used to connect cables and which turned to binary code, which evolved into Basic that evolved to C, etc. At the end of this evolution, we will have pure UI’s that enables us to build UI’s

HTML & CSS is not coding anymore. Now what?

Since coding now (or later) happens the visual way it means each and every web designer is “Full Stack” oriented, or at least can have a “Full Stack” mindset. Is “Full Stack” not just about the technical part but part of the whole process and life cycle of a product? The product designer is a fundamental part of the product and business.

The Full Stack Deisgner Manifesto, Ran Segall
The Full Stack Deisgner Manifesto, Ran Segall

Design now defines the process

The tools needed to build the web are evolving, but must evolve more — our tools should have a constant dialogue with the process as the people building these tools should give the answers to “How do we define the process?” and “What do we expect to achieve?”.



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